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Which is the Best Weed Strain for Me? Here’s How to Choose

Recreational pot is a favorite goodie for many. Nowadays, most weed outlets stock various products, ranging from edibles, vapes, tinctures, sprays, and more. However, choosing the strains can be somewhat confusing. And you can only pick the best strains if you have adequate information.

Why are marijuana strains unique?

Dispensary Seattle stocks products in various strains. Each has unique elements to its profile. These include the cannabinoid content, terpene content, and environmental variables.

  • Cannabinoid content

The marijuana plant comprises various cannabinoids; these are chemical compounds that interact with your body to offer multiple effects. Weed plants have two major cannabinoid components; these are THC and CBD. Strains high in THC with little or no CBD and highly intoxicating and stimulating. On the other hand, those rich in CBD produce relaxing effects and offer a less intense experience.

  • Terpene content

Terpenes are special molecules in the marijuana plant. They produce flavor and aroma, which makes the stains distinct. The weed plant produces over 200 terpenes, and individual strains have varying terpene profiles. Therefore, most strains have different aromas, flavors, and effects.

  • Environmental variables

Marijuana plants are exposed to different growth conditions. These can be, for instance, the type of soil, amount of water, light duration, and amount of nutrients. These can affect the cannabinoid profile and the terpenes. What does this imply? The same plant grown in diverse environments may end up with different qualities and effects.

How can I choose the strains?

There are various aspects to guide you. These include;

  1. Flavor&Aroma

Different strains produce different flavors and aromas. These may be earthy, citrus, sweet, woody, and many more. Others are subtle or intense, and these should guide you in your selection. Always choose strains that match your preferences and appeals to you most.

  1. The desired effects

As mentioned earlier, all the strains produce varying effects. It’s best to choose strains with a high likelihood of offering your desired effects. For example, if you wish to achieve an intense yet stimulating effect, THC strains will suit you best. Similarly, if you prefer a relaxing experience, you’re better off with CDB strains.

  1. Potency

Some strains are famous for their high potency levels, and I always get them in Weed Dispensaries Near Me. Your desired level of potency should be a determining factor when choosing your strains. For instance, if seeking to achieve that intense high, try more potent strains.

  1. Growth conditions

Some people prefer indoor weed, while others fancy outdoor strains. If this matters to you, choose products depending on the growth conditions and environment.

  1. Other benefits

Some strains have medicinal properties, and this is a determining factor for medical users. If planning to use weed to manage certain conditions, the medicinal value will be of the essence. However, talk to your doctor to determine the best strains for your needs.

The bottom line

When shopping for cannabis products, pick the best match for your requirements. Consider the price, and go for products to match your budget. Better still, you can get great deals by shopping around. Lastly, consider the above ideas and enjoy a better experience with your weed.

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