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Tips to Surprise HIM in the Bedroom

Men don’t often say it, but they enjoy surprises just as much as we do. And what better way to spring some surprises on him in the bedroom. Opposed to the known belief, you don’t need to go all-out fifty shades of grey to impress him.

From foreplay to the big act itself- here are four tips to surprise him in the bedroom.

  • Massage Your Way Into His Heart

Giving your partner a sensual massage can set off a chain reaction of pleasure for him, leading to a surprisingly orgasmic adventure.

Start with tantric breathing—dim the lights and help him unravel his stress by gazing eye-to-eye and synchronizing his breath. Establish that intimacy before proceeding to an erotic Nuru-style massage with a happy ending. Take this as a first-night sex tip, and your man will thank you for days on end

  • Wake Him Up With An Orgasm

Kiss and lick and bite your way down their torso, give his penis a swirly lick on the head & tease him until he begs to be pleasured, then put his manhood in your mouth to increase his orgasm.

Because the majority of erogenous zones for men are located around the manhood and pelvis, feel free to message all of the erogenous zones with your lips, tongue, and even your hands and breasts. To finish him off, give him a prostate massage and a rim job to make him feel extra lucky.

  • Try Some Ice Play

Ice cubes’ chilling effect can unexpectedly turn things too hot, too fast. Suck on some ice, then press your cold lips to his inner wrist, planting little kisses up the inside of his arm (trust us, this is a hidden erogenous zone for men!). Put him in a blindfold and run ice all over his body as slowly and sensually as he wants. Allow him to lie down on his stomach and slowly trace a zigzag up his spine, beginning at the bottom.

Even better, suck the ice and then descend on him with your ice-cold mouth and tongue to send him straight to seventh heaven!

  • Bring His Fantasies To Life

Inquire if there is anything he would like you to try now or in the future. And make sure you tell him what you want to try — he’ll be delighted to oblige. Investigate new opportunities and sex positions. Try the Reverse Cowgirl. Saddle up for a Wheelbarrow, try the Corkscrew. These are a few of the many sex positions to experiment with, where your guy can do all the relaxing.

Roleplay as a naughty nurse, a sultry librarian, a kinky cop, or a mischievous maid, or whatever else floats his boat.

Maybe you’ve come here looking for some first-night sex tips or simply to spice up your sex life.

Whatever the occasion, these four tried-and-true tips will always drive your man insane and push him to the big O!

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