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Mistakes to avoid with condoms

When you are putting on the condom, there are certain rules that everyone needs to follow. Condoms are indeed the most effective form of contraception. It has a weak link, and hence, if not used correctly, preventing pregnancy will become a dream, and the reality will be far worse. So, we have presented some tips on how to wear a condom, how to use it, and how to dispose it off properly.

  • Choose the condom of proper size

You need to ensure that the condom is of the proper size as per your penile length. Choosing a short condom might result in semi coverage of the entire penis. Similarly, if you choose a large size condom, it won’t snug in perfectly and cover your penis like a sheath. Both ways, there are high chances that the condom will come out mid-way and get stuck in the vaginal tube.

  • Do not use knives, scissors, or your teeth for opening the packet

Forget the scenes described in ads where the girl or the guy is opening the foil with teeth. When you have sex, protection seems to be better than replicating a not-so heroic act in front of your girl. So, always tear the foil with your hands from the marked end and slowly take out the condom. Do not use anything sharp since that might destroy the sheath without knowing about it.

  • Always check the expiry date before buying

When you will purchase the condom, make sure you are checking the expiry date. The expired condoms will not work correctly and might cause leakage, which will positively knock out the girl. So, make sure that the condoms are current and within the expiry date so that you can enjoy the sex without having any worries.

  • Condoms should be worn only on erect penile length

You don’t have to wear the condom right after discarding your boxers. At that time, the penis will be flaccid and not of its full size. So, you need to wait for the erection to happen. That’s when you need to put on the condom. Also, make sure that you are putting it on before pre-orgasmic semen appears on the penis tip. Do not wear the condoms too early or too late as the cover is made to be worn on an erect length with no traces of semen at the tip.

  • Do not use oil-based lubes

If you are using latex-based condoms, the best way to prevent spillage of the semen is to stop using oil-based lubes. Oil or anything closely related to it will destroy the latex material and hence, might cause leaks.

  • Stretching or twisting the condom is strictly prohibited

Whether you are using the best condom in India or not, stretching or twisting the sheath is not allowed. Rough handling of the condoms will cause them to break and put you both at risk.


Since you know the proper ways to wear the condom and use it, we hope you wouldn’t make the mistakes that might put you and your partner at risk.

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