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How to Make Your Hair Removal Cream More Effective?

Do you know dermatologists recommend you must conduct a patch test before using any skin care product? The same applies to the hair removal cream you bought online. The best creams are dermatologically tested as safe for use. Still, it’s good to do a patch test to avoid any late skin reactions as everyone’s skin responds differently to cosmetic products. For that, apply the cream on a small area of skin (under your legs or arms) at least 24 hours before actually using it. If you find no skin rashes, reddening, or irritation, the product is safe to use. This will ensure the hair removal cream works effectively on your body.

Here are some tips to increase the effectiveness of your hair removal cream.

Clean and Dry Your Skin

Before using a hair removal cream that you purchased online, prepare your skin as follows:

  • Wash the skin using warm water. It can open up skin pores and wash away any dead cells, oil, dirt, dust, sweat, or makeup on the skin. Then the spatula can depilate effectively without any interruptions. Plus, warm water softens your body hair including short stubborn ones and helps in depilating all of them.
  • Then dry your skin thoroughly with a clean towel. If the skin isn’t damp, the cream can work on your hair better for depilation.

Don’t Use Deodorants Before Depilating

When you use deodorants, a film develops on your skin and becomes a barrier in your depilation session. So, avoid using them before body hair removal to let the cream work at its 100% capacity.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliate at least once a week (or once a fortnight if your skin is sensitive) with a gentle scrubber. Exfoliation rids you of excess dried oil and dead skin cells. These are impediments to a smooth process of hair removal. Also, removing them allows body hair to grow out naturally (preventing ingrowth) so that they can be depilated effectively.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Hair is oriented to grow outside of the skin. But wearing tight clothes checks this process. So, the hair follicles become inflamed, causing your body hair to curl and grow inwards. Besides exfoliating, wear loose clothes to prevent hair ingrowth. Once body hair grows out naturally, it can be removed effectively.

Trim Long Body Hair

Women often snip the ends of body hair longer than a quarter inch before removing them. This eases hair removal. Since snipping can be laborious and injurious, use a sensitive touch electric trimmer to trim the hair easily and super-fast. Yes, the trimmer can help here too besides shaping those eyebrows. As the blades don’t touch your skin, it isn’t injured.

Don’t Depilate the Same Area Daily

Wait for at least 72 hours before using the hair removal cream on the same area. This can prevent soreness or redness and let the cream work safely.

If you use the best hair removal cream, your skin (whether normal, dry, or sensitive) will be pampered by Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, almond oil, or vitamin E. Nourishing while depilating enhances the effectiveness of the cream ten times!

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