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Choosing the Right Microtia Surgeons for Kids

When surgical reconstruction for kids with microtia is considered, the parents don’t take things lightly. Microtia is a birth defect that affects thousands of kids every year around the world. The good news is that the condition is reversible with ear reconstruction surgery. This is where the parents have to research thoroughly and choose the right Microtia surgeon for their kids.

Focusing on the vital aspects

The market is flooded with a plethora of surgeons undertaking ear reconstruction surgeries. The challenge is shortlisting the names of the top-notch surgeons and choosing the best one for the surgical procedure. Since it involves a major surgery of ear reconstruction that can change a child’s life, the parent might get overwhelmed. In such a situation, thorough research and understanding the condition, and the expectations from the surgery are the aspects to focus on rather than getting drained emotionally.

Requesting to view pre as well as post-operative photographs

After finding the most experienced microtia surgeon, the parent can request him/her to show pre and post-surgery photographs. When a surgeon ignores the request and doesn’t show photographs of their ear reconstruction work, there is a possibility that his/her work is below substandard. It is, therefore, necessary to be cautious and study the work of the surgeons, more than just look at the photos.

Large high-quality images should be considered

When a parent requests to see pre and post-surgery photographs, it is possible to review using small, low-resolution photographs. Hence, a parent must ask a microtia surgeon to show only high-quality images. A patient or patient’s patient/guardian has the right to see large-detailed images that are vivid, and life-sized. Therefore, a surgeon that doesn’t mind showing enlarged work photographs, he/she must consider ear reconstruction.

Studying the details

When considering the photographs from a microtia surgeon, the details, like ear lobe, tragus, anti-helix, helix, concha, triangular fossa, and external auditory canal must be thoroughly studied. The posterior-lateral view of the photographs is helpful. Furthermore, the frontal and base-views should be considered as well so that they can be compared with the contralateral normal ear view. A surgeon that provides such detailed information about his work to the parents, he/she must be considered for the ear reconstruction surgery.

High-resolution details

Showcasing high-resolution, detailed, and enlarged postoperative photographs enables the parents to see the small hairs that grow on the ears and the fine skin texture. The surgeon must ensure that the parents gain confidence and reliability in him/her for conducting their kid’s ear reconstruction surgery. This can be done when the surgeon is transparent and open about the work he has done before, the procedure he/she prefers, the kind of grafts he/she will use, and other expectations one can have from him/her.


Ear reconstruction for microtia is a complex procedure. The success of the surgery depends a lot on the skill, and artistry of the microtia surgeon. Hence, so much importance is given to choosing the right ear reconstruction surgeon. A substandard surgeon won’t be able to cater to the requirements of the patient.

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